TBC Drafting Plot Issue 5.5

Is anyone having a plotting issue with v5.5

For some reason, it not plotting the existing ground line or design line (I’ve checked the filter and everything layer is activated )



I’ve found a workaround but you should be able to do this in TBC

  1. Export to sheets to Autocad
  2. Then Batch Plot

I think k we will need the project to work out what is going on here - it could be that you ha e the layer to do not print or maybe it is on a different layer for some reason but hard to tell without looking at the project - send the project to Shane.Odenbach@rockpilesolutions.com or to me (I am on PTO till next week) and we can take a look to see what is happening


Hi Alan / Shane

I’ve sent you a link to the project on trimble connect