TBC Drafting-Best Text Styles and Label Styles

Hello, when I follow the dynaview workflow from some of Rockpile’s videos, I come to an issue when I finally print the plan set to PDF. The text from my labels become very compressed and is illegible. Are there standards for best text styles and label styles? What size and effects work best for a 36x24 plansheet?


Here are images of what I’m trying to convey. Thanks!

Try switching from True Type font to a Stroke Type font.

Looks like that didn’t change the print. Thank you for the suggestion though. Go Bearcats!

Once a Bearcat Always a Bearcat. What years were you there?

You are not using version 5.80 are you? There is a bug that causes that problem. I understand if you install the update to 5.81 it takes care of it but I haven’t tried it myself yet.

That was the issue. I updated and everything is looking better. Thanks!

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I’m not alumni. I grew up in Iowa and had classmates that went there. I recognized the logo and wanted to give a shoutout! lol.