TBC 5.60 designs crashing SCS900 controller and emulator

Is anyone else having issues with designs written out of TBC 5.60 crashing SCS900 controllers and emulator?
The very first design we’ve written with TBC 5.60 is doing just that.

Good morning Richard,
I haven’t had any issues but we are using Sitework’s. Mind sharing the model in question? I have a few mins this morning and maybe I can give it a go.


Here you go Andy - thanks for your time.
I’m deleting all blocks and hatch in TBC and gonna give it another try in a minute myself.
The version at the link contains all of the hatch and blocks.

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I exploded all of the blocks and deleted all of the hatch and it loaded into the emulator. Waiting on confirmation from the field tech for the T7.

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Works in Sitework. Looking at SCS now

Ran the project clean-up tool to remove overlapping/duplicate lines and exploded the blocks. I got it going in SCS900. SCS didn’t like it without exploding. Siteworks ran it fine as is.

yea if you zoom in on the inlets, its adding info that isn’t really there, on the T7 in SiteWorks anyway (clip from T7 below). That’s one double inlet, the two extra offset grates are anomalies that aren’t really there. Once I exploded all of the blocks and deleted all of the hatch it loaded into the SCS900 emulator.


Thanks for helping each other out guys - glad you got it working


Alan - I’m sure there is more to it but the issue seem to be that 5.60 is writing the file out in such a way that blocks cause the SCS900 software to crash (unexpectedly closes the program). I don’t believe this was the case with previous versions of TBC. So does this make this issue a bug that needs fixing, or is it the intended workflow for the user to explode all blocks prior to creating the design files for use with SCS900? If it’s a bug, as I suspect it is, please utilize your connections with Trimble to have it acknowledged and fixed. Unfortunately, for now, it seems we’ll be needing to add the additional steps, to our workflow, of rooting out all blocks from the field design, which in turn will obviously reduce production. Thanks