TBC 2023 Release

Recently Trimble released the next version of TBC 2023. We are diligently working to complete testing on our 2023 package, but unfortunately due to Trimble updating some code, we have had to go though a large portion of our commands again to ensure everything will work in both 2023 as well as 5.9. We will update everyone as soon as the new package is released.

If you have updated to 2023, you will need to delete our tools to get TBC 2023 to work. Please go to the following location and delete the Rockpile folder. You will need admin rights to do this.


Inside this folder you will find the RockpileSolutions folder. Delete the entire Rockpile Solutions folder and all of it’s contents.

Thank you for your patience


Any word yet on when the 2023.1 compatible version will be ready?


Just updated a week or two ago and went to use RPS also… This is stressful. We need that update!

We are having a live class today going over new commands for the 2023 release. I’m sure there will be a small discussion pertaining to the release as well. The date we are looking at is this Friday Dec 1st.


Thanks Chris. I’m registered.

hello :slight_smile: and when will be the new version , already 4 :slight_smile:


Good Morning,

Any update on the release of these?


Did the update release already?

The RPS tools installer download says for v2023 & v5.9 so it may have been released? They said last Friday was the planned release date

That RPS Tools installer link is not yet activated. On the Downloads page the link is also still greyed out (not yet active).

Trimble must have thrown the Rockpile folks a real curve ball with their new API.

Has there been any movement on this? We really need these commands to be released. The TBC updates are critical and trying to run two installations is cumbersome.

Try mentioning @Chris_Bayliff or @alan.sharp and see if that helps :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re discussing this internally now and looking at 48-72 hours to finish up testing.

This has been a very taxing year in terms of updating and testing for release. We are in no way happy with the amount of time this has taken up to get the 2023 release completed. That being said, we do not want to put out a product that isn’t up to par. We’d rather delay a release in lieu of releasing an inferior product. We hope everyone understands this and knows we are working as fast as we can to get this release completed.