Takeoff Summary Report TBC

When we updated our TBC, our Takeoff Summary Report is no longer available. Is there a way to retrieve that report? We took the date in to excel and manipulated for our needs. So far, I have not been able to find a similar report. Any help would be appreciated.

Regrettably, it has been temporarily taken down. I had to uninstall 2023.10v and reinstall the 5.90v. I used it a lot and that’s the only way for me to utilize it again unless someone else has a better solution. I hope they can put it back in the next release. 5.90v gives me a computing error, but I can at least replace it after doing a check.
Trimble support provided the following response:
The Earthwork Summary Report has been temporarily removed from the v2023.10 release due to ongoing improvements. It will, however, be reinstated in a future release. Refer to the attached Read Me document for more information.
TBC 5.90 features the Earthworks Summary command, but a bug and a volume calculation discrepancy have been identified. A patch is currently in progress to address and rectify these issues.

We opted out of updating our TBC installations to 2023.10 mostly because of the removed reports.

One option to consider is Alan’s guide on how to install multiple versions of TBC to your computer at once, then you could use the current version but fall back to an older version for running reports etc.

To get around the issue of a project having been saved in a newer version of TBC, you hold down Ctrl+Shift while drag-dropping the project file into the older version of TBC.

Hope this helps.

You can use Takeoff Report or Custom Takeoff report until they reinstitute the Earthwork summary, It is my understanding that they are updating the Earthwork summary report and will bring it back on a later update, they haven’t said exactly when.

You will all be pleased to know that Trimble released the 2023.11 Patch yesterday that has the reinstated Earthwork Summary Report with I assume the bugs / defects rectified. You all should be good to upgrade to that version when you are ready - you can get the update through check for updates or I assume the download links on our website downloads page - to the Trimble Survey / Construction Sites are still valid - I will be checking those today.