Takeoff Lines Improvements - Dec 12 2021

Takeoff Lines Improvements

The latest update to Takeoff Lines makes a couple of minor improvements that have been requested by our user community

  • The first improvement is to the 3D Auto Mode - if you set the Auto Advance button by the elevation entry control to Auto Advance = On, if you click a 2D location it will be automatically accepted without prompting you for an elevation value.

  • The second improvement applies to all modes of the command and to the coordinate entry field. The field will now be auto selected allowing the coordinates displayed to be overtyped directly - this allows easier data entry when e.g. entering relative coordinates such as @5,@5 etc. Prior to this update you had to select the data in the field manually if you wanted to make this type of data entry.

While both of these changes are relatively small, they both boost productivity further and reduce key strokes and mouse clicks, improving the flow of the command.