Stockpile Quantities

Is there a way to use smart text to quantify stockpiles without make 2 surfaces for each stockpiles.

I could use the earthwork report but this doesn’t give me a great way to present data in plan view without manually keying in all of that data.

Something like this:

We need a way to obtain cut and fill within a bounded area.

When you do the earthworks report for a stockpile does it create and store the isopach ?- if it does then you can report the volume of the isopach using Smart Text

I can try it to see what that process stores

To do the workflow you need an isopach currently a single surface is at full elevation and you need the 0 based elevation isopach to compute the volume

We could do it with a TML at some point- it would fit in with the find surface area function quite well I think - just do the volume and create the text to the selected boundary


It does yes but if you run another you would run the risk of losing your smart text or referencing them to a new isopach that isn’t applicable I would think.

That would be great. I find this process has too many steps currently and there isn’t a real way to speed this up. It isn’t bad with a few stockpiles but once you go past 4 it is very cumbersome and tedious.

What text are you using here? @Plheureux

The image is from PIX4d. This is what I would like to yield for results.

Gotcha, I’ve never seen P4D look like that. I only have mapper though, and its been minute since I’ve used it. Here is an example that looks really good that our surveyor kicks out with Carlson.