Standard practice for models

Hi everyone! I am preparing to issue my model to the field. Our company has two branches that works across the state - there are differing opinions on what should be included in a model when issuing it.

One side says 2 different models for offset building pads and curb then finish grade. The other wants one finish grade model. If we have an offset for our curb - should we take our boc /toc curbs out of the surface? I used side slope and I think because its dependent it doesn’t just allow me to take part of the assembly out individually. I am still working through my training videos but haven’t ran across this yet. I just want to issue this with confidence. Also it appears I have a berm but the plans look a little unclear - just spot grades.

The Sideslope Command does create Dependent Objects - you will find that where you placed the Sideslope Template that there is a small diamond placed at the 0 or start station of the Sideslope Template. If you click that you will find that there are 2 objects there - the Sideslope Template and the Sideslope Object itself. If you select the Sideslope Object you can use the Explode command (that you would normally use to Explode Blocks) and that will explode the Sideslope lines out of the Sideslope Object and make them normal linestrings. Those linestrings can be edited and modified without fear of them getting recreated if you open the Sideslope Template again to make an adjustment. If you do go back into the sideslope object and edit it, it will rebuild itself again, so you would then have two sets of linework (the exploded set and the dependent set. If you want to avoid that happening, you can delete the Sideslope Objects after they have been exploded and that way you cannot end up recreating them.

Depending on what the sideslope object is being used to create, you can also use the RPS Multi Offset line to build C&G etc. that builds non dependent objects and you can apply it to dozens of lines in one execution (e.g. Parking Lot Islands and Curb), and it curve fits the data for you that will help you build sweeter looking models.

In terms of the right thing for the field - typically give them what they want, and build the model the way you need to to deliver on that.

Hope that this helps


In our company, we typically model everything including curb lines. The operators have the ability in the machine to omit the curb elevation change and grade thru them and our surveyors and field engineers need them for staking and/or field checks.

As far as the design plan you have attached, it does look like there isa berm separation between a site ditch and existing ground. You might want to check for a detail that shows the required width.