Staked Point Erroneous Elevation

Hello everyone,
I encountered an unexpected issue while shooting stakeout points to grade a bridge soffit using an SPS730 and generating a CSV file with the data through TBC.
Here’s the process I follow: I shoot the points provided by the structure representative, record the elevations, and then create/export a CSV for them to review and develop a delta sheet for our carpenters. I meticulously note down all observed elevations and also record them on the tablet for verification in case of discrepancies.
Yesterday, I came across a discrepancy in TBC. Point number “sof30” was shot at 1466.635, and I recorded it as 1466.63. However, TBC is indicating a stakeout elevation of 1467.113 for this point. I documented a total of 40 points in this session, and this discrepancy was isolated to just this one point.

I’m reaching out to this group in the hopes that someone might be able to assist me in identifying whether there’s an error on my part or within the program. Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

TBC 2023.10, Sitework V1.43

Andy, are you able to shoot me your design used for this as well as your work order folder? If so I’ll take a look and see if anything looks out of sorts.

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Hi Chris,
I do not mind sharing at all, and thank you for your time.
See attached.
01082024 soffit (13.5 KB)
Mikes Soffit Grade (101.6 KB)

From what I am seeing there isn’t an issue with the raw data in a project with no calibration. I’ll attach a screen shot of Sof30 Design and Stk shots.

On another note, I noticed that the properties pane that’s shown in your screen shot shows at the bottom, Sof30_stk came from 12152023_overhang shots rtk.spj. This makes me think it could possibly not be the same as the shots taken on 1/9/24 that you sent me to look at. That would explain some of the discrepancy if that’s the case. Take a look and let me know. If this isn’t the case, I will need your project as well to be able to dive into it a bit more.

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I am not sure why that’s the properties tab either.
I’ve attached the properties pane with the point selected.

Is it okay if I email you the VCE? If you don’t mind looking a bit deeper?
I did toss the work order in a new, uncalibrated project, and it worked as expected.

Yes sir.

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Thank you again.