Smoothing out survey data

We do a lot of large driveways where people want me to meet there grass as much as possible. I go in ( where the existing grades allow) shoot the ground on both sides usually raise it a tenth and go from there. Is there an easy way to create a center line that runs down the middle of to 2 lines I surveyed? I’m working on one that curves down a hill and my marks range from 20 to 22 ft wide and I want a 20 ft rd down the middle.

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There isn’t a dedicated command that I am aware of.

I have used sideslope before. Select 1 line and the other other as reference. Than use the slope slope instruction, as long as this is equal, this should collide at the center. Than you can trace this line to give yourself cleaner linework if needed, i.e add curves.

I agree this would be a very useful separate command to project center and use some parameters of best fit.

You might be able to save your template structure as a subtemplate for quicker repeated use.

Try these methods - hopefully one of them works - if not please send me the data so I can take a look for you

Thanks Alan. We seem to be doing a lot of long driveways this year and I’m looking for better way to make accurate edge lines. I usually just survey the edges, raise it a tenth, make a surface and grade it haha. Stake it the old fashioned way. This one the data rages from 20 to 23 ft where it has widened over the years of people driving on it. Your method will work great, thanks. Encountered quite a few of these so far this year.

Good to hear that it helped