Smart Text - Feet and Inches

Is there a way to produce architectural units, feet and inches, with smart text? I tried foot inch, did a search and couldn’t find a description, but this doesn’t seem to do what I want.

This would be useful for QA/QCing structural and architectural drawings.

I have put in a request to Trimble on this today to see what is possible - the fi function does not seem to work actually - but as you say foot inch is not defined anywhere so I am not clear what to expect - but YD or M works so fi maybe is just feet but then not sure why it is called what it is. I can display in inches or feet but have not found a way to do feet and inches

This would be a specific labeling / distance measurement control to convert what is measured into a displayable / writeable label etc. Not hard to write most likely but time only

Let me know how urgent this is - we have a project just starting and I will add this to the Stocking Filler list as something to do on a rainy afternoon if they want a break from hard core stuff


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If we did do this do you want decimal inches ie 12.123 feet would be 12’ 1.476" what about the decimal inch would you want that in 1/8ths or 1/16ths or 1/32ths ie 7.616/16 would you want it rounded ie 12’ 1" 8/16"

I can see now why you moved to decimal feet!

This tool would need some settings to work with


I am hopeful that the fi is the missing link because everything else works great for this. Not super urgent but would be useful. We have a lot of building excavation that we are doing this year. Lets wait to here what Trimble comes back with.

Yea this would be an interesting one. It really depends on the application. For checking the footing elevations that I am working on, 1/2 would be fine. If you were using this for wall dimensions, you may need something tighter.

Decimal feet is a lot easier to deal with. Fingers crossed for metric in the future.

Here is an example of the presets from Bluebeam:

I am at 165 piers so far:

Just following up to see if Trimble ever got back to you on this. Running into this on another project.

Vertical construction is very busy right now.

148 piers to check

I think we will need to write a TML for this Pat


This was addressed in TBC 5.60. Thank you

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This works great for elevation but doesn’t seem to translate to northing and easting. Still have some pull in this area?

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If you are trying to use this with surface elevation