Smart Join in v5.90

Just a quick not about Smart Join on version 5.90 Package

You may find that Smart Join will not select linestrings sometimes when you try to join two lines together when using version 5.90. IN 5.90 we made a change that suppresses the joining of 3D lines where the lines have variable elevations - we are working on Smart Join “3D” that will work on all lines in the future, however we felt that the joining of 2 3D lines was giving varied results especially when lines had VPIs vs 3D nodes in the lines - so the suppression was applied when the linestrings have elevations that are VPIs.

Smart Join will join lines when

  • Both lines are 2D i.e. have no elevation
  • both lines have the same single elevation e.g. two halves of a contour or a building pad etc.
  • Both lines are 3D where the elevation locations are 3D nodes on the line (where the VPIs cannot move)

Note that many CAD files that come into TBC have lines that are elevated at elevation 0 whereas lines that are created in TBC have undefined elevation if 2D - this makes them “different elevations”. If one of your CAD cleanup steps is to set all lines with elevation 0 to undefined (?) then you should be able to join undefined elevation lines together - because elevation 0 is real in some places, we cannot just assume that 0 should really be undefined because in those cases it is not undefined etc.

If you need to quickly change Elevation 0 lines to undefined you can do that using the Change Elevation command and set the elevations to undefined.

Hope this helps


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