Slope Indicators - Labeling

Does anyone know how to quickly show slope arrows that have the slope value (%) as well as the arros visible? The arrows are of course there but just looking for a quick way to display the values such as how they are displayed in surface slicer.



There is no tool or automated way of doing this unfortunately.

For a small area, smart text would be your best bet.

There needs to be s smart text option that has slope direction incorporated so as you move the text around, the arrow updates to the correct direction.

What i have done lately is use the measure tool from two 3D lines. Then saving the measurement which will give you option of what to display. I have saved the slope to show which does not show and actual slope allow. The line that is shown is a arrow line the the direction from your 1st location to your 2nd location. Not a fast way but a way to view the slope.

If you create points you can use the label points command to label the slope % values. If you have a TIN model and you really want to label all the triangles then use the explode options on importing a surface to convert it to 3D Faces and then use create from CAD to create points at all the centroid of the faces then RPS Label points to label the Surface Slope on the points where you want the slope of surface displayed. Use the slope arrows on the original surface to show the direction.

This is the best I have for you right now


Not sure if this would work I haven’t tried it. If you were to possible elevate the slope indicators then create the smart text with slope % and save that. The click on the slope arrow and that might work. Only problem I see is the arrow not being broken. If if there was a option to pick the indicator and have it just a line without the end that would work.