Sideslope indicators highlights non existing lines

Here is a video
I have been using sideslope indicators in may project on other lines bit this one does not seem to work. The indicators does not get drawn where the should and TBC seems to be creating line segments where there is no lines.

I am thinking that this must be an issue with a sideslope object - can you try exploding the sideslope object to break the lines away from the sideslope template and see if that solves the issue as the lines should then be standard linestrings. Failing that can you send me the VCE file and switch off all layers except those with these lines on so I can easily find the correct lines to test against and I will take a look. If it is a sideslope specific issue then we would have to update the command to work with that data if it is failing because of that. If explode works let me know - that would be a temporary stopgap but I will need something to test against please.

I have to say you find some great issues fred!



Exploding it did not work, here is a video Recording #40
And here is the VCL file Transfer - Dropbox

You see in the video wich lines it is. :slight_smile:

Take a look at this video Fred and you will hopefully see how this is meant to work with your data

The purple line is actually the computed median line between the Primary and secondary lines that you select - this is used to compute the orientation of the slope indicators (see the example in the video), when you are not using a reference line. Because your boundary line is a totally irregular shape compared to the primary line, when you do not select a reference line it cannot really solve what you are asking it to do.

Typically I would say most Design slopes you want the slope indicators either perpendicular to the Primary Line (so use it also as the reference line) or you want them perpendicular to an alignment of a corridor or dam etc. Where you have a Berm 0 then typically the Top of the Berm is designed shape and you want the indicators perpendicular to that, typically for a Ditch maybe the ditch base is the reference line etc.

Where your Top and Toe of slope are oblique or varying angles to each other - eg top and toe of a slope surveyed - not as regular as a design - then here is when you would work with no reference line and take the median line as the reference (the purple line) - to get something “average” between the two lines selected for the slope definition.

I have found a defect in the No Ref Line case that we will fix this week - but that was not the issue you are seeing.

We will look at what happens when you really only want to annotate a piece of a pair of lines where a median line would make sense (vs the entire length where the median line makes no sense at all (as in your example).


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Thanks a lot Alan, that video really helped me understand how it works. The problem was kind of what i thought it would be because i could see the calculated line but did not understad how it calculated. This (like in many other cases) shows how important it is for me as a user to understad how a function is ment to be working and not how i want to use it. It annoys me that i did not use the reference line by my self, i should have understand that.

Have a great day!