Shade Surface by Slope Range

Hi Alan,

I am wondering if it is possible to shade a surface based on different slope ranges? I have found “Surface Area by Slope Ranges” report which summaries the areas into slope ranges however i need to be able to show where these areas are in a plot.

I have played around with the slope by range in the DTM properties however this will only display one slope range and is quite a manual process.

A bit of contect behind this is on freeway batters we are required to rock pitch areas with slopes between 1:1 to 1:2 and then geotextile coverage from 1:2 to 1:3 and 1:3 and flatter require no treatment. So ideally i need to produce a plot to show where the different areas lie for field crews particulary in an area where there is a vartiable batter slope.

Thanks in advanced.


I am running v5.52. I just noticed this in the properties of the surface allows for shade by slope range. I am not sure in what version this starting. I have not use this command which I will try to use it now. maybe worth updating if your not update.

What I do currently is create a copy of the surface for each of the ranges you need - in your case you have three needs (one for Rock Pitch, one for Geotextile and one for no treatment).

Shade Surface 1 by Slope Range Min 0% to 1:3.01 for your No Treatment (Green)
Shade Surface 2 by Slope Range Min 1:3.01 to 1:2.01 for your Geotextiles (Orange)
Shade Surface 3 by Slope Range Min 1:2.01 to 1:1 for your Rock Pitch (Purple)

Here is the end result

VCL File if you want to take a look

Shade By Slope Example.vcl (188.4 KB)



Used this today to check side slopes and it works great.

Hi all thanks for the helpful work arounds :+1:

I used this to show the slope ranges on a golf course green. Thanks again Alan!


Land in the green, not the red!
Depending on where the hole is…

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Hi Alan et al,
Is there any advance in the multiple shading of slope ranges?

I have some 20 kms of Access Tracks that I need show slope ranges for Crane access (ie what tractor units are required to pull the cranes and where) - I don’t really want to create about 10 surface models for the sites but that looks likely at the moment,

PS I’m using TBC 2023.1 (gulp) and hope RPS is up and running soon.

Regarding the picture that I posted of the golf course green above - can anyone recommend a way to calculate only the surface area of each shaded color? If you select the surface, and look at the surface area, it is reporting on the entire green area, not the “shaded by slope range” areas. I’m hoping to break each one down into square feet by color. I went through all of the possible TBC/RPS commands and none were giving me the answer I was looking for. Screenshot here shows what would be required for the report


Have you tried surface area slope range under the reporting tab?

Erik, thanks I did look at that command but need to dig a bit deeper to see if that will work