Sections for Marcin

Here is a video of what I did to make your sections file work and I include the file for you here also


Let me know if you still have questions

Your Project File:

Milejow_porownanie_stanow_zero.vce (481.3 KB)



I think that every step I am doing correct.

Ive created new project and Ive recorded that on this film (link below with the project)

I think that is some problem with TBC or with my templates.

I hope that you will find any reason for this problem.

I think I may know what is causing your issue here

  1. you use , as decimal point in central Europe right? That could be a bug / defect or could just be a project setting that is getting screwed up here somewhere. The values for your Cut / Fill look like they are getting silly numbers of decimal places and that could either be a Project Setting that has been messed up for number of decmals or it could be a decimal point / comma defect that you are seeing - I am not sure which - this would explain why I am not seeing an issue yet you are because I use decimal point setting for decimal rather than comma which happens a bit in EU (Germany, Sweden, Poland etc.).

Over time I have seen a number of defects like this where the software evidently was not tested with the local settings on the computer for Comma / Decimal conversion, so it could well be a defect, however we need to check all of your Unit Project Settings to see if there is an issue there

I will see if I can see anything in this project that looks out of place, and failing tat I will report the defect into Trimble. You could change your locale settings in Windows to use the decimal point setting for now while we get this resolved - unless I find a screwy setting somewhere in your units

When you define the formula for the Cut Fill values - select 2 decimals in the formula creator and see if that solves the issue - it should look as follows if you do this

{diff,[[Original Ground]{z,3}],[[Finish Grade]{z,3}],2}


If this doesn’t work then I think it is a bug like that mentioned above with the comma vs decimal issue - I have asked Trimble Development to take a look to see if it is a bug.

You could also try changing this setting in Project Settings to No and see if it makes any difference



I`ve changed local settings in Windows. Now it works great (screen below)

Thank you very very much for help.

Hi Alan and Marcin

I have and can comfirm the same issue, check out pictures below. This must be a bug and sure of course I can change my national/global settings in Windows my but I’m not willing to change my windows settings and change everything else in my computer to please the current TBC requirements.
This must be a bug because I haven’t had these issues before when using smart codes when labeling, I currently use the latest version of TBC (v5.41).
If I change comma to decimal point it will affect all my other work in other software I use and communication with customers. This is very frustrating and has been going on for a while now and it feels like when every other new TBC version comes out Trimble either got things fixed or messes them up again, I’m referring to the comma vs decimal point issue and you know of this Alan because we’ve had this conversation before when using tables in corridors for example. I would be very thankful Alan if and when you talk to Trimble that you can pass this one on to their table, thank you.

I am on it Joe

I don’t think anything in this area of the code has changed recently so my guess is that the bug has been around a while


Thanks Alan let us European users know what you’ll find out.

Will do Joe - hopefully it can be a quick fix


You can fix this issue by editing the difference label. Just replace all the comma characters “,” with a Semi-colon “;”.

Trimble is checking why they are still putting the comma in the label