SCS900 and Siteworks - Extending the Cross Section Views for PRO file Roads

Many people ask me how they can change the cross section widths of PRO files used in SCS900 and Siteworks. Here is the background and what you need to do

TBC when it creates the PRO file for SCS900 as a part of the SCS900 Design File creation process, reads a file called from the

C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Business Center

folder on your computer. This is a PRO seed file that contains settings etc. that control a number of things, cross section width being one of them.

The files below are different versions of a file that have different section widths defined. Simply copy the one that you want to use into the TBC folder above and rename it to and it will become the seed file for the PRO files created thereafter.

We recommend that you keep a backup of the original that is shipped with TBC in case you need to put it back for any reason.

tmodel (76.5 KB)
tmodel (76.5 KB)
tmodel (76.5 KB)
tmodel (76.5 KB)

the 150, 200, 250 or 300 in the file name indicates the width of the sections that will be created.

Remember that the longer you allow the sections to be the more data that they will pick up in the sections - only use the longer sections when you think the field crews will really benefit from the extended data.