Scan- Stand alone data error

Hello, I have a photogrammetry/ TBC question. I have a project that I flew the other day with my Wingtra drone and I followed the processing steps in the " Processing Drone Image Data Through to Orthophotos & Point Clouds in TBC" training from last week. The point cloud and ortho were created and imported into TBC with no problems. Today when I opened the project, I got this error and I don’t know what it means.

As always, thanks for all your help.

We are looking into how that message is being generated. It is caused by the fact that when we run the Point Cloud Processor we generate a new point cloud and have to export it and then reimport it. If the project has a coordinate system there is a scaling error caused by the TBC importer that we address by pre processing the file we import and scaling it so that the scaling effect of the TBC importer is negated and so that the imported data ends up in the correct place. TBC sees this as a difference in scales between the project and project data vs the data that was imported and it flags it as an issue when in reality there is no issue.

We believe that this is a bug in TBC that needs to be addressed - however if you know that you ran Point Cloud Processor so that data was exported and imported - I can assure you that there is no issue with the project despite the message it is generating - however if you have done other work in the project I cannot guarantee that this message is not related to that - only that we know this message is generated by the workflow that we are following.

We plan to discuss with some people at Trimble soon as this has been going on a while now.


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