Rps Tool error while loading TBC, updated to 5.81 and still has the error

The Command “Trimble.Vce.UIManager.CommandAdapter” was not added. The command key “RpsQuickLine” already exist. Use a unique command key.

Has anyone else seen this error if so what is the solution you have found.

The ossue here os that something has not updated correctly - most likely becIse of the 30 second delay required to let TBC release all commands before installing something new. You have to wait at least 30 secs after closing TBC tonallow it to release all commands so that they can be updated.

It could also be caused by not installing the 5.8 release package since it was introduced - Trimble syarted to ship a few of the commands we support but they are shippingbold outbof date versions that were clashing with our versions so we had to split ours away and make them unique so that they did not clash - that. Cleanup was done with the 5.80 release package on our website - TMLStatus does not do that cleanup.

The fix is as follows

Close TBC
Wait 30 secs
Go to rockpile solutions website
Download the 5.8 installer package
Install the update package
Restart TBC
Run TML Status from Tool Shed Menu
Accept all updates and update TMLs
Close TBC
Wait 30 secs
Start TBC
Go to Tool Shed Menu
Run Menu Manager
Click Reset RPS Menus
Click refresh icons

You should be all set
If not call 720 797 8001 and one of the RPS Team will do a web meeting with you to resolve

The above process works for me every time I see this