RPS Surface Area Report?

Does RPS have a report to run a surface area for a vertical face? I am wanting to generate a text for the area of a shoring wall. At the moment I am running the TBC surface detail to generate a report so I can grab the text .

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Find Surface area command queries the area and allows you to place as text


I tried this command yesterday wiith no luck using the breakline with no luck. I even added a M! SI to the surface and no luck until I tried this morning clicking in the surface using the “only textureedge”. that would and still the any brealine did not work for the vertical area. I would think just running the report command would automatically give me a quantity when clicking OK and not clicking inside the surface.

thank you A.Sharp

Send me the data if you need me to look at it. The Sharp and texture divides the surfaces into groups of tria goes that we leverage with this tool to generate the areas.