RPS Paste Image Trouble

I am able to RPS-paste text and TBC data with no issue. Probably one of my favorite commands. But i cannot for the life of me get RPS-paste image to work. When i use the settings shown in the pic, nothing happens, no warning, or crash, or anything. it just acts as if the command was executed, but no image was placed. Are there any known bugs with the RPS paste image fuinction, or is there a setting that i need to change somewhere? I have had this issue in the past, and i have also been able to use RPS-paste image with no issue in the past.

The issue is that you are not using Project Subfolders (Support - Options - Project Management

So there is no place to store the image for the project to reference it.

To change this setting on future projects do the following

Close the project
Go to support - Options - Project Management and enable the check box

Now start a new project and you should find it works

I cannot fix the existing project unfortunately - that is a TBC setting that I wish I could fix and have no idea really why you would ever want to work without project Folders - you probably did not even realize you were doing this - once fixed the command will work

Next version throws a warning about this when it happens to at least let you know the issue.