RPS Paste Command Updated

The RPS Paste command was updated today as follows

  • Text placed using RPS Paste was not being placed on the drawing on the correct layer. That has now been addressed - the text will pick up the correct layer color from the layer settings.

  • The text copied to the clipboard can include special characters that format Tabs into the text. Since TBC does not support Tab characters we are replacing a Tab character with two spaces.

  • If you copy data from Excel, Excel copies the selected cells to the clipboard as both Image and Text. When RPOS Paste detects the presence of both text and image on the clipboard, it provides the ability to paste either the text or image information to the project views.

  • When pasting text, the preview pane shows the text being pasted. If you wish to edit the text or add information to the text, or delete some text from the paste preview, simply click in the preview pane and edit the text in the normal way.

These minor improvements increase the capabilities and performance of the command significantly.

Watch the updated video in the command help system (F1) to find out more

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