RPS Paste Command Releases on Monday

Another great tool for TBC - part of the Modeling and All Tools Toolbox the RPS Paste command provides a quick and easy way to copy and paste content from your Windows Clipboard into TBC Plan, Profile, Section, and Sheet views including Images and Text data.

  • Copy 3D views, slicer, section, profile or plan view images into Sheets for drawing enhancement and understanding
  • Copy notes from Notepad, Word or PDF files directly into drawing sheets for annotating your drawing outputs
  • Copy Excel tables for computed results, volumes and Takeoff Reports directly onto your drawing sheets
  • Copy Typical Sections and Site Specification Details directly into the Plan View as a reference to save constant lookups in your PDF files while working on a model.

This tool is a great addition to the already powerful TBC Drafting toolkit - combined with a great drafting template you can really raise your game and the quality of your outputs to support your bids or client submissions. Contact us if you need help or support to get your Drafting Game up to speed.