RPS Earthworks - Earthworks Permissions

The following permissions will be required for Members and Devices

Machine Control Boxes (GCS900)

  • Machine control boxes need to be setup as a device
  • The machine control box device will be added to the All Devices group automatically
  • Device will be “Editor” permissions on the Trimble Synchronizer Data filespace

For a machine to work with the Production Server / Raptor it requires the following

RadioSerial: ********
This is a radio module serial number that is working with the CB450/CB460 machine control device.
The RadioSerial information is stored in the TAG files being generated by the machine.

Project: 200 (optional RPS Eathworks Project Name)
e.g. Project: 200 (Grootegeluk Mine)
Project: 200 is a reference to the project / data model in the production server (Raptor). The value in parenthesis () is optional additional information and describes the Earthworks Project name e.g. Grootegeluk Mine.
Each project in Earthworks has a specific project / data model in Raptor. The numerical value is not exposed anywhere in the user interface but you can query it using the following URL in your browser


The value QtcyUMLtxRZqCw in the above string is the project ID and can be found in the URLs of any page used by the RPS Earthworks system - for example

RPS EarthworksQtcyUMLtxRZqCw/map

The call will respond with a screen like this

You are looking for the text that says “raptorId”:128, or similar

The other 2 fields shown in the description are optional

Dozer 15 - this is the mines name for the machine
MachineID: F266 500 is the ID of the machine used by the mine. This name is used in the construction of TA file names generated by the machine.

On the GLK installation, Jaco has already configured all of the machines


  • Users will be set up as Members
  • Users will be given Editor level permission to the Trimble Synchronizer Data Filespace if required
  • Users will be given Editor permissions to other filespaces if required
  • TBC Users that require the ability to upload data to Trimble Synchronizer Data Filespace will be given permissions as Editor to that filespace.

Earthworks Specific Settings

In Earthworks we support 3 global roles

  • System Admin (TCC Community Administrators Group)
  • Account Admin / Organization Admin (TCC Administrators Group)
  • Earthworks Admin (Earthworks Admin Group in the TCC Organization)

In Earthworks we also support 4 additional project level roles

  • Project Manager (Earthworks-GrootegelukMine-ProjectManager Group)
  • Engineer (Earthworks-GrootegelukMine-Engineer Group)
  • Work Supervisor (Earthworks-GrootegelukMine-WorkSupervisor Group)
  • Project Viewer (Earthworks-GrootegelukMine-ProjectViewer Group)

The following table describes how each role is used in the Earthworks System

In the above names GrootegelukMine is the external ID of the Project for the mine in the Earthworks System