RPS Custom Template for TBC

Here you will find our RPS Custom Template for TBC. This contains all of the initial settings, libraries, drawing templates, text styles, layers and layer groups etc. that we think you need to start with. We expect that in time you will develop and modify this template to better suit your needs.

RPS Intern Program - US Feet - Rev 1.vct (633.9 KB)

You can also download this Rockpile Solutions Logo File which is used in the Drafting templates included in this project template.


For TBC v2024 place these two downloaded files into the following folder on your computer

C:\Users\Alan Sharp\AppData\Roaming\Trimble\Trimble Business Center\41.0

On your computer, where it says Alan Sharp that will be changed to your name or text that reflects how your computer has been setup. In File Explorer you can type \AppData\Roaming\Trimble\Trimble Business center\41.0 and it will find the path for you. Note that 41.0 id the folder path for TBC v2024.00. If you are not going to be using v2024.00 please contact us for assistance.