RPS Command Library v5.90 Release Notes

RPS Command Library for TBC v5.90

We are pleased to announce the release of the RPS Command Library for TBC v5.90.

Below is a recording of our release presentation from the June 28th Webinar

Which TBC Versions Are Supported In This Release?

This release is ONLY for TBC v5.90, it will not change anything for TBC v5.80.1 or earlier users. We have also provided a 5.81 update package for the earlier versions of TBC, this installs the latest versions of all commands, and provides a couple of updates to provide a solution for dual installation (5.80.1 and 5.90 on the same computer). Further updates for 5.8.1 will follow in the next 30 days.
See below for more details.

Release Headlines

All Commands have been reworked to support the new v3.0 Python (TBC v5.90) and v2.0 Python (TBC 5.80.1 and earlier) macro programming environments and related folder and folder permission changes. Because we had to update all commands, we have taken this opportunity to rationalize and update all of the commands to utilize the latest custom controls, highlighting of selections, help access and we have added context / workflow related commands into the all command header bars.

Many commands have been improved / enhanced

  • Command dialogs have been reworked to improve flow and productivity
  • Commands have been improved in terms of functionality / capability
  • Commands have been made more consistent
  • Commands have been changed so that they will all stay open after execution unless you click Cancel/Close or OK.

All Commands have been updated to include

  • Context Related Header Bar Commands
  • Improved highlight controls (Global selection and then Primary and Secondary selections)
  • ? button in header bar to access Help
  • F1 key to access Help
  • Command Tips area
  • Help Link in Command Tips to access Help

The context related Header Bar commands is likely the most significant change you will experience. Each RPS command becomes a hub for rapid access to all of the commands that you may need while executing any specific process - for example

  • If you go into Point Creator, you will also have access to all of the TBC commands related to creation of points including Create Point, Station/Offset Points, Radial Points, Radial Points Script, Divide by Slope Distance, Create from CAD and Points Spreadsheet etc. This allows you to access and move quickly between any of the point creation tools
  • If you are running a command that requires a Reference Line or Alignment, you will be able to access Takeoff Lines or Create Alignment / Label Alignment from the command header
  • If you are running a command that requires a Surface model or may need you to create a surface model as a step in the expected process, all of the surface create commands can be accessed from the command header.
  • If you are running a command that requires a boundary, you will be able to access Takeoff Lines and Create Boundary commands from the command header
  • If you are running a command like Point Cloud Processor, you can Sample a Point Cloud region, Create a Point Cloud Region, Add to a Point Cloud Region, Select by Boundary, Create a Boundary etc. from the command header
  • If you are running the Cross Section Takeoff Workflow, The Solar Farm Piling Workflow or the Slipform Paving Workflow for example, all of the workflow commands can be accessed from the header of each of the commands in the workflow - this makes it extremely fast and simple to execute the entire process.

You will find significant workflow and productivity gains from these changes, and for newer users of TBC, the command headers give you pointers to the other commands that you should learn / become proficient with to execute a full work process.

Significantly Improved Commands

The following commands have received significant additional improvements in this update

Smart Join

We have started the process of improving the way that we join lines in 3D. We expect to release a second update in the next few weeks that takes this further. We have improved the joining of 2D lines, 3D Single Elevation Lines and 3D lines with 3D nodes (not VPIs at this stage) significantly. The handling of VPIs will be in the next command update.

Crop Crossing

Significant improvements have been made to the two line mode of this command to make it more productive and more robust in the following scenarios

  • Closed lines
  • Pairs of lines with different lengths
  • Pairs of lines that are non parallel

Radial Points and Radial Points Script

Both these commands were reworked to significantly improve the workflows associated with creating points by polar methods.

Insert Segment

Rock Grips has been added to the command so that you can now insert segments but also adjust the segments using grips while inside the command.


Extract Surface Features

Template functionality has been restored / improved


Add Isopach

Command has been completely reworked, it is now easier to use, has more versatility and creates better output

Geometric Selection

Filter controls have been improved


Increment Text

Workflow has been significantly improved, random stations can now be more easily created and you will be automatically returned to Interval stations after a random station entry

Export HCSS

Command has been improved to better handle alignments that include spirals. While HCSS Plans does not support Spirals, the update will better process an alignment with spirals for use in HCSS Plans.

Menu Manager

We have added two additional menus to the v5.90 package. The menu changes do not affect our 2023 command licensing structure (Toolboxes and Command Libraries).


  • The Reporting Menu now has all of our commands for Report Generation, Drafting / Drawing Creation and Exports to third party formats. This menu frees up space on the Tool Shed and Modeling Menus for future developments.

  • The Unlicensed Menu, now gives users of our commands that do not have a license to access the unlicensed commands on a single menu. For licensed users you can turn the Unlicensed Menu On / Off from the Menu Manager command.


  • The other menus (Data Prep, Modeling and Tool Shed) have been restructured to accommodate the Reporting Menu changes.
  • Tool Shed menu is now predominantly system level tools and specialist applications including Solar Farm Piling and Point Clouds.

Solar Farm Workflow Commands

The Pile Definition Manager, Import Pile Plans and QA report commands have received significant updates to better support Embedment Depths and Reveal Heights. The QA Report is still being updated to support some additional report items (Pile to Line and “Dog Ears” report) and will be updated next week.


Deferred Work Items

The following commands have not yet been updated. We decided to not hold up the release for these commands in the Library. They will be updated and released in the next 10 days.

  • CIV Manager
  • Earthworks Website
  • Earthworks Work Orders
  • Pile QA Report
  • Name by Layer / Layer by Name (Layer by Name component still requires some updates)

If you depend on any of the above commands, we are committed to updating the commands, however we ask that you continue to use TBC v5.80.10 or earlier until we release the update package - expected within 2 weeks of initial release.

Will the TBC v5.90 changes Be Made Available to TBC v5.80.1 and earlier users?

The current RPS Command Library release package for TBC v5.81 should be used for all versions of TBC from 5.30.X to 5.80.1. While there are command improvements and the Help / Header Bar Command improvements in the 5.90 package, there are no “All New Commands” at this stage.

This v5.81 package will be updated in the next 30 days to include all of the changes / improvements made in the v5.90 package. At this stage there is limited change for TBC v5.80.1 and earlier users.

We are still reviewing our processes for the older TBC versions and will update you in due course once we fully understand the consequences of trying to support two separate releases of the Command Library.

TML Programming Language Changes

Trimble Business Center v5.90 is a normal TBC release, however, in this update Trimble has changed the TML programming language to version 3.0 of Iron Python. Version 3.0 is not compatible with version 2.0 that was deployed in all prior versions of Trimble Business Center.

Macro Commands are now installed in the following Folders

Version 2.0 Macros (TBC v5.,81 and earlier)

Version 3.0 Macros (TBC v5.90 and later)

This change has resulted in us having to rework all commands in the library to create version 2 and version 3 macros for compatibility with both versions of TML and create the correct installation path for both versions that now have to be managed completely independently.

Macro Command Folder Access Permission Changes

Trimble Business Center v5.90 has also implemented folder permissions on the version 3.0 macro commands folder. This means that when installing software using installation packages you will need to have admin privileges on your computer. Please work with your IT department as needed. Once the install package installation has been carried out, you will be able to install future command library updates using TMLStatus without admin rights.

We hope you like this release, while it doesn’t contain any “New Commands” we think you will find all of the changes will make your work processes easier and faster to execute, and you will see gains in productivity as a result.

These changes have also allowed us to fully update all commands in the command library, and that sets us up for faster / easier developments of new commands going forwards. We have a number of new commands in varying stages of development that were put on hold while we completed the work to support this TBC release, hopefully over the next few weeks you will see a return to more frequent releases of new tools for the command library.

Thank you to Peter Kistler and Wyn Sleeman for all your hard work over the past 3 months and to the other members of the RPS Team that contributed to the testing and release process.

If you find any issues with any of the commands, or feel that there are Header Bar Commands that should be added to any command, please report them for prompt attention using the Support Ticket button on the Tool Shed menu. As always we appreciate your input.