RPS Command Library v5.9 is now released

Thank you for the patience that you have all shown waiting for the TBC v5.90 release of the RPS Command Library. I am pleased to say that we have now posted the release on our website for you to download as of June 28th.

We have also posted an updated install package for TBC v5.81 and earlier users. If you are doing a dual installation using the dual installation method explained at this link - click here, you will need to install this package to ensure that v5.8.1 commands will operate correctly. If you are not doing a dual install, this installation package is not 100% necessary if you are sticking with TBC v5.81 for the time being and you are already up to date with the latest commands using TMLStatus.

We hope you like the new release, please provide your feedback below.



Hey Alan

I’m not having any luck installing the 5.90 commands… The RPS toolbar imports fine, but no TMLs.


Thanks in advance!

I deleted the .DICT file and got this:

But the commands are there! not sure what happened.