RPS Command Library v2023 Releases Today - Dec 18th 2023

RPS Command Library v2023

Dec 18th 2023
We are pleased to announce the long awaited release of the RPS Command Library v2023 for TBC v2023.10.

To download the v2023 Installation package - Click here

Note: To use the 2023 package, please install it using the installation package first and then maintain it in the future with TMLStatus. Updating to 2023 from an earlier version using TMLStatus is likely to cause installation issues - the 2023 installer cleans the installation and ensures that all required files are installed correctly, after which individual command updates can be installed using TMLStatus.

The release contains 2 major new commands, several significantly updated commands as well as a host of minor updates and improvements. The release continues our focus on the following areas

  • QA processes
  • Data Prep processes
  • Automated drawing creation and delivery
  • Automated results data tabulation on drawings
  • Automated reporting delivery
  • Continued evolution of our Smart Tools concept for integrating multi step work processes into single smart commands that boost productivity
  • Continued development of the Header Bar Commands to provide fast connections between commands
  • Increased use of Hot Keys in RPS Commands to aid keyboard focused navigation and command execution
  • Integration with the Elgato Streamdeck for fast and efficient TBC command execution and navigation
  • Further enhancements to the RPS Slipform paving workflows
  • New and Improved TBC system management tools
  • Enhanced support for unlicensed command users

This release is backwards compatible to TBC v5.90.1 and v5.90 but no earlier.

We hope that you like it - Happy Holidays and here’s to another great year ahead of us all!

Best Regards
The RPS Team

All New Commands

This release introduces 5 all new commands to the RPS Command Library including

D_SmartEdit_600ppi   Smart Edit

The first version of Smart Edit provides new and improved ways to Break, trim and Extend lines in 2/2.5D. Full 3D will be included in the next round of development. The command optimized work processes requiring these types of edits, allowing

Break Modes and controls

  • Lines to be broken at stations along the selected lines or in relation to a selected reference line.
  • The application of a clip gap around each break point of a defined width
  • Break one line or multiple lines at the same time
  • Break at Intervals
  • Break at 2 point crossing
  • Break at crossing line
  • Break at offset to a crossing line
  • Break lines once or multiple times in a single execution
  • Import break stations from the windows clipboard or an imported Excel spreadsheet
  • Break a gap into a line using 2 break points with automated line segment deletion

Trim / Extend Modes and Controls

  • Auto Trim/ Extend one line or multiple lines to a common bounding line
  • Trim/Extend Shortest End
  • Trim/Extend Longest End
  • Trim/Extend Both Ends
  • Trim/Extend Selected End
  • Forced Trim
  • Forced Extend

All modes have enhanced highlight controls for graphical feedback of break, trim or extend executions

Hot Key Controls

New Hot Key controls have ben added for faster access controls and to minimize the need to use the command dialog. The Hot Keys are also implemented in the new RockDeck configuration for the Elgato Streamdeck XL. The following Hot Keys are now active in the Smart Edit command

T = Select Trim Mode
B = Select Break Mode
N = Start a new selection process
Up/Down Arrows = Change Break, Trim or Extend Modes
Left/Right Arrows = Change Break, Trim or Extend Options
Enter = Apply in most situations (excluding multi station selection executions)
Q/E = Rotate plan view by 15 degrees in clockwise or anticlockwise directions
Shift Q/E = Rotate plan view by 30 degrees in clockwise or anticlockwise directions
CTRL ALT Q/E = Reset plan view rotation to North Up
WASD = Pan plan view Up, Left, Down, Right

Video Overview

Break Highlights

Trim / Extend Highlights

D_QApoint_600ppi   QA Points

The new QA Points command provides the ability to compare Design Points to As Built or As Staked Points for QA reporting processes. The As Built Points are matched with their Design points using proximity search. The process has been further optimized for point checks on

  • Orthogonal building grids
  • Rotated orthogonal grids
  • Skewed grids
  • Alignment (station and offset) grids

to provide error / correction deltas as well as point to point distance deltas along the grid lines.

The process generates the QA overlay drawings automatically including fully customizable labels for point deviations and mid point distance checks The process also generates and places tabulated results fully automatically on your drawings for high quality client deliverables and can generate high quality report outputs to both PDF and Excel using the RPS Smart Reporting Engine. This tool can take hours / days of laborious CAD drafting down to just a few seconds of work, with improved quality of final deliverables.

Video Highlights

D_ShortcutManager_600ppi   Shortcut Manager

The new Shortcut Manager continues our efforts to provide improved ways to handle your TBC setup and configuration. The Shortcut manager uses styles to create packaged command shortcuts that can be changed quickly, allowing you to define, copy, modify and save shortcut libraries. The default RPS and TBC command shortcuts can be changed within a couple of seconds, and you can now more easily create and modify your shortcuts as well as save and restore your updated styles for future use. While defining your shortcuts you can now easily see which shortcuts have been used and which ones are available, and you can re-task a shortcut at any time.

D_RPSTrackerWorkorders_600ppi   RPS Tracker Work Orders

As the RPS Tracker solution for automated production monitoring grows, and we add more capabilities to it for volumes and surface management, we have an increasing need to integrate it with TBC - your source of Estimating, Design, Work In Progress and As Built Models. This command now provides the ability to

  • Create high quality / downsized resolution imagery from aerial imagery and imported PDF files or from on screen graphics e.g. Cut Fill Maps and upload them to RPS Tracker as Map Overlays
  • Create production tracking work orders containing Existing and Design surfaces that provide the initial volumes for tracking and monitoring purposes
  • Create and upload survey surfaces that are used to update the production surface model for tracking progress quantities over time.

The simple interface connects to the RPS Tracker Server, creates the necessary file formats and uploads them directly to the system for use.

D_RPSTrackerWebApp_600ppi   RPS Tracker Website

The RPS Tracker Website command provides a single click interface to the RPS Tracker system, providing a seamless link from TBC to RPS Tracker for our users.

Significantly Improved Commands

The following commands have been significantly improved in this release

Adjust Linestring Elevation

The Adjust Linestring command has been further restructured for ease of use and we have added automated conversion from polyline and CAD line to linestring as well as a new contour mode for automated elevating of contour linework. New hot keys provide quick access to screen rotation, screen panning, incrementing / decrementing contour elevations, changing directions with smart switch elevation controls, pop up editor right at the cursor and on screen indication of the next contour elevation to be applied. The new tool will shorten the time taken to elevate contours and will provide more reliable elevations on the lines first time.

Affix Name

The Affix Name command has had significant improvements to facilitate the automated unique naming and renaming of selected lines using automated line number incrementation and also line numbering using reference lines to further enhance our slipform paving workflows. The process will also automatically place line name text on the lines for use by field crews on site.

Toolbar Manager

The Toolbar Manager has been enhanced to better handle resetting of your Toolbar configurations as well as deleting and renaming Toolbars. The command dialog has also been enhanced for more effective operations.

Menu Manager

Menu Manager has been enhanced to fully toggle between unlicensed mode and licensed mode.

When in Licensed mode you will have the following RPS menus

  • Data Prep
  • Modeling
  • Reporting
  • Tool Shed

When in Unlicensed mode you will have the following RPS menus

  • RPS Support - this contains the support elements of the Tool Shed Menu only
  • Unlicensed commands - this contains the unlicensed commands of the RPS package only

Insert Line Segment

This command has been enhanced with the addition of Rock Grips and improved Rock Grips integration, on exiting rock grips the control is immediately returned to line segment insertion mode.

Surface to Points

This command has been enhanced to better handle scaling of points files generated from point cloud sourced data - the imported data is now scaled correctly so that it aligns perfectly with the source data.

Surface to Grid

This command has been enhanced to better handle scaling of points files generated from point cloud sourced data - the imported data is now scaled correctly so that it aligns perfectly with the source data.

Increment text

This command has been improved through the addition of hot keys to increment and decrement values and edit values as they are created. The work process of adding station labels to cross sections is now faster than ever.

PDF Vectors on Demand

The command has been improved to better handle closed lines and also angular deflection determinations. In testing this has significantly enhanced it’s ability to extract contours and building pads quickly and efficiently.

Volumes Manager

The Volumes Manager command has been enhanced so that it can now work with Reference Surfaces. The grid volume isopachs have also been enhanced to compute edge grids for increased accuracy and improved graphical presentation.

Text Style Manager

The Text Style Manager command has been improved to better handle Import / Export of Text Styles.


Thanks @alan.sharp ,
A link to the download would be helpful here - or have I missed it!

I’ve downloaded and installed RPS v2023 to TBC 2023.10 and the random sample of commands I’ve tried all seem to work ok,
Cracking on into creating Areas and Volumes for a 6km Motorway Project with multiple stages and side roads, It wouldn’t be Christmas without this rush now would it!

Merry Christmas all

Well done folks, well done.
Merry Christmas.

Getting Error Cannot load tool strings after upgrading to TBC 2023

I’m getting multiple syntax errors when opening TBC v5.91. Won’t update TML status eitehr

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I just did a clean install of 2023 and I’m now getting this error as well

I ran the v2023 command library from

And everything is up and running now
Thanks for this release!

Great job Alan and team, a lot of great improvements and additions in this release!

Is there a RPS Custom Menu configuration for TBC v2023 BIN file or do we use v5.90? I couldn’t find anything when I searched for “RPS Custom Menu configuration for TBC v2023”.

Coming soon John - likely next week


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You can use the 5.90 one for now