RPS All Tools Command Library - New Release Information (March 2023)

RPS All Tools Command Library - Release Notes

March 2023

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the RPS All Tools Command Library. As with previous releases, this update introduces new commands and incorporates many updates to existing commands that further improve workflows, command capability or command performance.

New Commands

New commands for this release include the following

D_VolumeManager_600ppi  RPS Volumes Manager Command

This command provides a fast and efficient way to compute and manage volumes on your projects. Define your boundaries, boundary collections and boundary groups, assign materials to the boundaries and boundary collections, define volume calculations for stockpiles or earthworks quantities and run your numbers. The process generates boundary tables of results in your drawings, a master table of all results for each calculation sorted by Material or by Boundary Group and stores the results for future recall and reference. Each volume boundary creates its own Cut Fill Map. Each volume calculation can be reported to a formatted PDF file or Excel Spreadsheet.

Volume report that can be recalled at any time

Process multiple boundaries and generate drawing elements automatically

Cut Fill Map and Volume Table per Boundary

Master Volume Table for a Calculation

Excel Output

D_PolynomialRegrade_600ppi   RPS Polynomial Regrade Command

Continuing our work to support Solar Farm Construction, the Polynomial Regrade command has been written to create computed best fit grading lines through design pile locations for each solar array table complete with full QA analysis and labeling of results. Process thousands of design pile locations and hundreds of solar array tables in just a few seconds, and then review the results of your work both graphically and digitally.

Pre Calculation

Post Calculation

Color Coded Labels show fit (in / out of tolerance) of regrade lines to the source design points

RPS Custom Control Improvements

Layer Control

The layer control that is used in all RPS commands has been updated with an additional filter control that allows you to just display visible layers in the list of layers provided. This supplements the custom filter control and case sensitivity control added previously.

Improved Commands and Bug Fixes

D_PointCloudProcessor_600ppi  Point Cloud Processor Command

This command has been improved to provide improved surface creation performance when the Lowest or Highest option are selected. In the prior release Lowest / Highest were not fully implemented. In the new version, when you select lowest or highest, the actual lowest or highest point is retained in the created point cloud in the location at which that point was found. When you select the Mean option, the mean coordinate location of all the points in the grid cell is used with the mean elevation (this corrects for edge cells where the entire cell may not be filled with point data (unlike cells in the main body of the survey). With these changes, you can now select a small grid interval e.g. 2’ and a high vertical tolerance e.g. 100’ and then use Lowest or Highest to find the lowest point or highest point in each grid cell. With this approach you can readily find the “ground surface” and eliminate vegetation like grasses, bushes, shrubs and tree canopy - provided that some ground points can be found in each grid cell.

Pre Processing Result using all data

Post Processing Result

D_RPSTakeoffLines_600ppi  Takeoff Lines Command

We have added the ability to turn Vector Snapping On and Off with the Hotkey V while drawing with this command. There are times e.g. when digitizing buildings and sidewalks where you do not want to snap to vector locations. This change makes it easy to toggle the vector snaps On and Off with a single keystroke.

D_OffsetSlope_600ppi  Offset Slope Command

Minor bug fix to address a “TML Validation Error” that occurred in some situations

D_PileDefinitionManager_600ppi  Pile Definition Manager Command

Minor improvements in line with user requests to improve performance and results

D_SmartJoin_600ppi   Smart Join Command

Added the Edit Linestring Command to the Header Bar commands in response to user requests

D_MultiOffsetLine_600ppi  Multi Offset Line Command

Minor bug fix improvements

D_TextStyles_600ppi  Text Style Manager Command

Minor bug fix improvement to eliminate the creation of duplicate text styles in certain situations.

D_ExportRPSLandXML_600ppi  Export XML Command

Improved handling of International Foot units on the export of alignments from International Foot projects.

D_RPSduplicate_600ppi  Smart Copy Command

Command Versioning Issue - this command is now at 5.80

Help Command

Command Versioning issue - this command is now at 5.80

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