Roadway Pipe and Corridors

Since Trimble has seemed to burry its head in the sand I was hoping that Rockpile might step in when it comes to roadway culverts and viewing them in the template editor view. It seems I am not the only one in this boat. Here is what I would like to see happen.

Create a pipe in either utility module or where ever. Tell it the station it needs to be located and how far either end of the pipe is from the CL. Give it the grade at either end of the pipe or the slope to the other end. HAVE IT SHOW UP IN THE TEMPLATE EDITOR VIEW!! Either make it so you can edit the length or grade of pipe in that view or hell I would even be willing to cut a cross-section view at said station as long as I can edit it in that view! I think these should be constructed as solids so that wall thickness and bell height can be taken into account. We are modeling, so I think this is a very important step!

Let me know your thoughts!


I am for anything that allows display of all design feature (solid, Util network, etc) across any design type (Corridor, Surface, Section, Plan, etc) with out a bunch of work-around. If I create a native feature in TBC, TBC should be robust enough to display across all modules and all requisite tooling. All this talk about cloud AI when what we really need is basic functionality across the platform.