Rescaling PDF Sheets and Associated Data After Getting The Scale Wrong

This question comes up from time to time - I have started work, imported one or more PDF Pages and extracted vectors or digitzed data only to find that I got the scale wrong and missed it until it was too late. Is there any way to rescue the situation without having to start over?

The answer is of course you can do this - one of the benefits of TBC being a full CAD system is that it has the tools to do this type of change when the issues arise. So how do you do it.

The video below shows how to use the Transform by Points command to rescale your drawing data and how to use the Georeference PDF to rescale and place your PDF Page(s) to the updated drawing information to eliminate Scale, placement location, rotation issues without having to redo everything again. It takes just a few seconds to do, and saves a lot of heartache.

Hope that this helps


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