Request: Show Entered Elevations to Takeoff Lines

When creating a linestring using the Takeoff Lines command, to view the entered elevations as they are entered the Line Markings must be turned on. However, the screen can become flooded with line markings from other objects in the field of view. Would it be possible to view the entered elevations of only the linestring being created in the Takeoff Lines command in the same manner as the Create Linestring command? Thanks!

Same request for quickline command please.

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If you use the Filter Line Markings command (not the toggle switch (CTRL F if using the RPS menus) you can switch on line markings on just a few selected lines - the Takeoff Lines command then adds any new line to that group and shows you the line markings for the few selected lines plus the one that you are drawing - you can just select any line or lines and CTRL F to change lines that display the markings

Let me know if you can’t make it work and I will record a video