Relayer - Enhancement

Could an option to clear the layer list be added? At the moment each layer has to be deleted from the list individually (unless I’m missing something) ? Such a handy Macro which I use all the time

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Sure - should be possible Bruce

Will see what we can do


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Are you talking about in the layer manager? You can crtl+click or shift+click all the layers you want gone and click one of the red X to delete all selected layers.

Hi Wayne, I am referring to the Relayer TML.


ah yes of course. One of these days I’ll learn to read! Have a good weekend Bruce.

This was done today - and has been released

Would it be possible to create predefined re-layer mapping templates which would automatically relayer and can be saved for future use, also deleting the now unused layer.

Benefit is the speed in changing the layers, when dealing with know mapping requirement

Also would it be possible to rename the layers back to the designer / client specification template when exporting to back CAD

The TBC Map Layers command does this today Gavin - it works like Standardize Layers but captures the mapping so you can auto apply the map to imported data if you know the source and know the mapping.

The mapping of Layers from TBC back to the client’s standard we don’t do today but I believe that this whole Layer thing needs an uber command that does all the things that people want to do - prefix, suffix, map in, map out, regroup, relayer, copy group, edit properties etc etc. Import layer list, export layer list, selective import and export of Layers and groups, centralized management of all this from an external source etc etc.