Reading a Set of Plans and Keying in a Vertical Alignment

In the video below we walk through the process f reading the alignment data from profile drawings in a set of plans, tabulating the results in Excel (I do this especially for multi sheet drawings so I show it here anyway, but it helps me to check the data on the plans and get it straight in my mind before I try to enter the data into TBC. Having tabulated the data I then create the Alignment and then enter the profile data from the plans into the Vertical alignment to create the full 3D geometry for the road / driveway etc.

You can also use the Edit Alignment as spreadsheet function to create the alignment in a spreadsheet and then import it into TBC - you can use the attached template for the Tabulation if you intend to do that - I will show that in a second video.

The key thing to remember is that on the profile drawing in the plans, the VPI point for each of the Vertical curves is not the elevation of the profile at that point - it is the elevation of the VPI point which is below the profile in a sag curve and above the profile in a crest curve and it is the meeting of the inbound and outbound slope tangents for the vertical cure - the curve is inscribed between the two tangents to create a smooth profile.

So for example in the plans it shows a VPI at Station 69 that has a VPI at elevation 1075, however the profile elevation at that point is 1076.19 - this is 100% correct.

When reviewing the plans, I will typically review the entire alignment (can be multiple sheets) and tabulate the data in Excel as I work through the plans. Once the data is tabulated, you can use the Edit Alignment As A Spreadsheet command to use the spreadsheet data and copy and paste it into a spreadsheet editor in TBC to create the HAL and VAL for the alignments. I show this process in the second video.

Tabulating and Keying In The Alignment Video

Edit Alignment As A Spreadsheet Video

How to Fix Up Your Vertical Alignments

In this short video I have added how to fix up your vertical profile to make it match the plans

Here is the source PDF Page for this example
C9-DRIVEWAY-PROFILES-Rev.0.pdf (307.8 KB)

Here is the Tabulated Excel Data
Alignment Data Tabulated.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Here is the Alignment Data in the Excel Template for Edit Alignment as a Spreadsheet
Alignment in Edit Alignment as Spreadsheet Form.xlsx (22.7 KB)

Here is the TBC Project File
TBC Project Including Alignment.vce (44.5 KB)

Here is the Master Edit Alignment As A Spreadsheet Template for Excel
Master Alignment Editor Format Sheet.xlsx (22.4 KB)

Hope that this helps


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