Radial Points from Script Command

The Create Points on a Circle Command provides a quick way to compute point data using polar coordinate methods, suited to computations on curved buildings and structures as typically found on industrial construction projects. There are two commands for this application, this is the simpler of the two, and is suited to work with a single radius and regular spacing of the points to be computed in a single pass. The second command Radial Points From Script provides a more sophisticated solution that provides for a scripted approach that handles multiple rings as well as variable spacing of points on each ring, and a script that can be saved and reused repeatedly.

Video 1 - Create Points On A Circle Command

Video 2 - Radial Points From Script Command

Here is the Training Project for this command
Radial Array - Start Point.vce (42.4 KB)

Here is an example Script file
(place this file in C:\ProgramData\Trimble\MacroCommands\RockpileSolutions folder)
RadialPointsEx.rps (2.6 KB)

Here is the PDF File referenced in the videos
JW Aluminum-Anchor Bolts.pdf (4.9 MB)