"Quick Tool" Commands

Unless there are already available solutions that I haven’t come across yet, a collection of “Quick Tools” would be beneficial for increased production. The idea would be that once the tools are available, we could add to a button bar or create keyboard shortcuts. My first two suggestions would be:

“Undefined Elevation” - anything selected gets assigned “?” with one click/kb shortcut. This would be helpful on many levels including setting up target linework for use with VD. It would also be helpful if the TBC Offset command would honor “?” in the Vert Diff field making the resulting line undefined. Are there other methods other then the radio button in the Change Elev command? Currently, it’s 4 clicks to make a line undefined. Select the line, select the command, select the radio button, select OK. Seems excessive and unproductive to me.

“Layer Off” - Obviously there is already a button in the VFM but a kb shortcut would certainly be helpful as well.

I’m sure there are many more useful suggestions but these are just a couple off the top of my head.

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Noted Richard

I like the ideas


I really like the null elevation idea.

For turning off a layer I frequently use the button on the top of VFM that turns off layers of selected objects. I know that’s not quite what your asking but thought I’d mention.

I do really wish that the isolate layer button would work with a CTRL+click to be able to “isolate” multiple layers.

In properties would be a good place for a quick change, if they unlock the elevation field. There are times I wish I could go to property and change the elevation from there. Just add a drop down menu in the elevation to change elevation.