Question to all users about the forum

Question to all of you that are coming onto the RPS Community now. I am not seeing many questions or discussion coming up, but I see a number of you on here every day - Is the site too locked down for you or have you not found the Q&A category here to ask questions, or are you happy to just browse the stuff I am posting out here?

Let me know - I would like this site to be more interactive as well as an information source.

I have locked down a lot of Categories so that we keep the Content “free of a lot of discussions” so that content is easier to find, but I have opened up a number of areas where you can post and discuss stuff etc.

Let me know how you want this to work or if you are just happy with the way that this is put together.

I want the categories to be clean and obvious where to go to find info, and to make it easier to find the content / subject matter you want easily. The search is great on this tool, so I am happy you can find great info fast if it exists

Let me have your views - this site is for you so lets make it work the best it can


So far i think that this site great Alan. I’v e found great information on here the times I’ve been here but have just been busy with the season. I say keep it up like you are.


With the season bearing down, it difficult to find the time to do anything other then pop in to see what’s new. I like how it’s setup. Places for info, other places for discussion. It seems like a good template to me.

Thanks for the feedback - good to know we are on track


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This forum is very valuable!
I think you have it organized very well, easy to find answers in all categories pertaining to TML’s. After yesterdays webinar, I’m sure business on this site will pick up!
When I see the name Alan Sharp, I know with out a doubt it is a must read! You do an outstanding job of sharing your knowledge on TBC and TML’s.
Please keep up the GREAT work.

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Thanks for the feedback Danny - appreciate that