Question about truck weights

We have a question - or maybe a couple of questions

How many of you care about truck weights for on or off road hauling ie you have trucks, you count loads but you dont know whether the trucks are over or under loaded etc.

Is the weight of material being hauled important to you innaddition to the nimber of loads.

If yes - when is it important to you i.e. all the time, when we are creating our own materials lole concrete, aggregate, asphalt etc. Or for any type of material.

If you could get 99% accuracy all the time for On Road trucks wod that be valuable to you of the cost was

A) less than $1000 / year
B) less than $500/ year

Do you have to pro ode weights of material in any scenario

Do you have to have certified scales for those purposes?

When are you currently weighing materials that you are hauling

Do you need weights more for On or Off road hauling

Please provode any information you can