QOL request for Takeoff lines and Vectors on demand

The RPS Vectors on command and Takeoff lines command has been extremely beneficial for my daily tasks

Vectors on demand shows the elevation it will assign to the next line over your mouse cursor when using the auto adjust elevations feature. If you guys could add this to takeoff lines as a real time visual, power users would be able to digitize lines significantly quicker and with more confidence.

Being able to see the elevation number as you type it would save a lot of double checking time looking between the print, where you are placing the line, and the tool box that has the elevation in tiny print. The loss in productivity this causes is multiplied the larger your screen size is.

I typically input numbers without looking, and am accurate enough to get away with it. However typing mistakes happen and this is one of the tasks that a few tenths can add up to a lot of money, and be easy to miss. Would be nice to catch them without having to turn my head every time I am adding an elevation

A Much less valuable QOL request:
Vectors on demand has been really nice for digitizing contours, but I often find myself missing a small contour, and having to change my elevation manually instead of being able to run freely with the auto elevation delta. This may just be a problem caused by lack of experience, but it’s still a time killer.

A “bump” button would be very convenient instead of having to click into your elevation, delete XX.00 and replace it with your new value. Bumping applies the elevation delta you have inputted. The button could span the whole width below the “Increase / Decrease” buttons for easy direction changes.

Thank you RPS Team for the amazing support and training tools. Happy new year everyone
Tyler Case

I support the concept of being able to see elevation and/ or slope numbers in the workspace as you go for any line-editing command. @alan.sharp is reviewing a request to imitate Civil 3D’s Quick Edit Feature Line command. I think this would work on the same principle.

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