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Edit: I will add links to stuff for others future reference as I find them
Trimble Learn | Training Courses for Industry Technology
NSPS | Certified Survey Tech

Does anyone have recommendations for certifications/training in the CAD / Surveying industry? Or new user training similar to RPS’s for other programs, like Sketchup, Quadri, Civil3D, Revitt, Tekla, or AutoCAD.

I’m a younger guy, and am still fairly fresh in this industry. Rockpile’s training options have been absolutely phenomenal for learning how to actually deliver results to customers. I’ve watched almost every piece of training content they have, and spent 12 hours (according to the site) reading posts on here. Just looking for where else I can go for learning, and if there are any good options for getting my name on a fancy piece of paper. I’m also wanting to plan ahead for when it’s my turn to bring another person onto our team.

I am considering studying to take the NSPS CST Exams, but am interested what the community’s thoughts are.

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I’ve gone the “name on a fancy piece of paper” route here and there, and that does show that a person has the ability to stick with it and get something done. But I daresay you’ll make as much or progress being a 360° leader, being proactive, pushing the envelope, and always looking for ways to improve everything around you.

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100% agree, the paper just gives me a little more job security lol

Experience = $$$
Get out there and drive some stobs or push a shovel for a couple years

Typically am doing just that about one week out of the month! I wear a lot of hats, smaller company.

For me learning more programs is a great thing. As time moves forward and there are more tech toy. Also be good to rent some toys to learn with also. It’s not easy to get licenses to other programs for free to keep training on either.
Trimble learn is one provided by Trimble Trimble Learn | Training Courses for Industry Technology

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That’s exactly the kind of resource I was looking for, thank you. I’m hoping to find programs like RPS’s internship pass for learning other programs