Producing Profile Drawings with Annotation in Trimble Business Center

I had this question this morning from a customer that is used to producing drawings in Terramodel and wanted to know how to produce something similar in TBC. There are a few good takeaways in this video

  1. In the profile View, if you want to label the Station values using Smart Text you have to select the Easting (in the Profile View - Station is the X Axis which is the Easting Value …)
  2. In the profile view if you want to label Elevation values using smart text you have to select the Northing (in the Profile View - Elevation is the Y Axis which is the Northing Value …)
  3. When you create the labels if you use the Leader Line location then you can select wherever you want along any line using snaps (End, Near etc.) to generate the Station and Elevation values.
  4. When you define the Label Style for use with the Leaders, if you are labeling below the line then you should select Right Center for the text style justification and if above the lines then use Left Center - if you intend to place the leaders so that they are oriented North South on the drawing.
  5. Rotate the text to 180 degrees if you want it to read down station and perpendicular to the alignment
  6. If you want all the text to be the same offset to the line being labeled you may want to create an offset line to the line being labeled to give yourself easy snap locations to keep the offsets constant and parallel to the North South line.
  7. You can use the hidden CreateProfileProxy command to project a line onto the alignment for plotting purposes
  8. You can draw Wall Profiles in the Profile View in the plane of the alignment using the Create Polyline command, or you can create multiple Vertical Alignments for the alignment as an alternative.
  9. If you want Wall Stationing then use your Wall Line as the reference alignment. If you want Road Stationing then you can select the main road alignment for your wall.

Once you have created your profile drawing, then you can use a rectangle around the profile drawing as the basis of a Dynaview for plotting purposes.

That is the subject for a second video.


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