Processing Drone Data

Watched the course since I was out when live. Great info.
I have flown several sites with the Mavic 3E. I do not have the .jxl file in the data/DCIM folder. Where would this come from? Is this something that has to be exported from SiteWorks after the calibration and shooting of the control points?

You have to import a .cal or .dc into TBC and export out a .jxl file.

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We get the jxl by importing the .cal file into tbc then exporting via Trimble field software exporter command

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Appreciate the info. Will try that next.

Thanks for the info. Going to try that next.

I discussed this with an Ex Colleague - in this case the JXL is nothing to do with Trimble or a Site Calibration - this JXL is a DJI created file that links all of the flight data together - it is not anything to do with Trimble Access.

If you do not have the JXL file, you can select all the files in the Flight Folder and drag and drop into TBC - TBC will work out how to import and use the data.

If the Image files when you review their properties, go to Details and scroll down - there is a GPS data section that shows that the image has a Lat Long Height value. If it has that data stored in the image you don’t need the JXL file.