Problem with insert image (Drafting Logo)

Is any else having a problem inserting logo’s in the drafting metric template on TBC 5.51

I’ve tried both jpeg & png format


The logos need to be in the drafting template folder and or the project template folder dependingbon how you set that up



Hey Alan

I’m have the same issue, I’ve place the logo’s in both folders.

It just comes up it a blank square, does not even recognise the trimble logo or even yours.

Think it might be a bug in 5.51 worked fine in the last version

I just tested this in 5.51 and it appeared to work OK for me. I do the following

  1. Import the Plan Set that you want to use
  2. Use Insert Image to insert the image you want to use - I typically put this in the Plan Set Level for the Sheet Sets I want to influence with the image
  3. move and resize the image so that it fits where you want it to be
  4. Export the Plan Set to a VCL file in the Drafting Templates Folder and then copy the original image of the logo into the same folder because this is the one that the Plan Set is referencing and it has to be there when the Plan Set is used in future projects
  5. Start a New Project
  6. Use the Drafting Templates command to open the Drafting Templates folder
  7. Import the Plan Set that has your Logo File embedded in it - it should come in correctly with the Logo in the correct location and at the same size.

I will note that I captured an image from a customer site and it looked OK in thumbnail form, however when I opened it in Paint it had no logo just a white box, so you may want to check that your logo file did indeed have the logo inside it.

The empty box that you say you are seeing has been there in prior versions as well, and in all cases I have traced that back to the following

  1. If the file you open is a Project then the Project folder needs to contain the logo and the logo has to have the correct name that matches the name referenced by the image placed in the project. If that is not the case then the logo will be there as a reference but will not display - just the box that indicates the image presence.

  2. If the file you open is a Project Template (New Project with a Template or Default Template), then the logo file that is referenced by the project template needs to be in your Project Templates folder - you can find that location on your computer using Support - Options - File Locations -Project Templates Folder. If that is not the case then the logo will be there as a reference but will not display - just the box that indicates the image presence.

  3. If the file you use is a Drafting Template that you import into a project for drafting purposes, then the logo file that is referenced by the drafting template needs to be in the drafting templates folder. If that is not the case then the logo will be there as a reference but will not display - just the box that indicates the image presence.

If you have a Project Template that has the Plan Set and Title Box info etc. in the project, and you want to change the image for the logo file, you need to first delete the image out of the project template and then import the new logo image into the project and then place it and size it as required. When you have completed that you need to save as a template but you also need to copy the logo file that you used into the Project Templates folder as well.

I hope that this helps - I have tested the above work flows and all appears to be working for me at least



Hi Alan

Thanks but that did not work for some reason.

I used the utility clean up tool and then reinstalled TBC 5.51, and now it works fine


Not sure what happened there then Gavin - but at least you are up and running again now.

FYI I rarely use the cleanup tool - I try not to use it unless a last resort - however it seems to have done something here to free up your issue - hard to tell sometimes what happens during installs and updates.



Hi Alan, Just thinking out loud here as I read your description of where the logo image file needs to be placed and I’m thinking that sounds like a nice TML command for you all to write? I’m thinking something along the lines of a command called personal ancillary file manager…it could work not only for company logos but custom ribbon files, drafting templates, project templates, blocks, msim files, corridor templates, linestyle files, layer files, label styles, etc., etc., etc. It would be really nice to have all that stuff saved in one folder on a drive somewhere, then go into this command and tell it which file(s) in that folder are for what, then in the background the command puts all the files in the default locations where TBC wants to look for them so you don’t have to recopy or redirect after every install, instead just run the TML. Food for thought.



Just a little info that fixed the same issue for me this morning. When I used older project templates with the drafting template included, it wouldn’t load the image either. I exported the VCL, as Alan mentioned above, but had to give it the exact same name as the drafting template in the project template. Otherwise no matter where I stick the image, the drafting template would not see it. Now my templates are working as intended.

Have a great Friday!

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If I’m understanding correctly, a logo image for a TBC template will hold onto its original insertion path, even if you later change the template and project management files paths. I was struggling to get a logo to appear after saving a new project, and it finally worked when I put the image and the ovr file back at the bottom of the AppData folders on my local machine. I thought this was worth sharing in case anyone else ran across this same problem.

The Logo that you use for your Template must be stored in the Project Templates Folder with the Template. When you create a New Project and select the Project Template, the Template is opened and the Logo that is referenced into the template is copied in to the Project Folder for the new project. If you save the project with a name and then find that folder the Logo File should be in the Project Folder.

If you ever move or send the Project to someone else, then you need to move the Project and the Project Folder together so that the Project can still find the Logo Image that it references from its Project Folder.