Polyline to polygon (gis export)

Is it possible to convert a closed polyline to a polygon?

Reason for this when exporting shp file to Archgis it exports it as a polyline (we need names attached to a polygon, instead of a polyline)

Or a command to converts a name to a new layers name (as we have a lot of boundaries with names, which we need to transfer a polygon to cad or gis)

Hey Gavin,

I will defer to Alan & Shane for export from the TBC side, but in the meantime you can convert a polyline to a polygon in ArcGIS.

  1. Create an empty polygon feature class using the “Create Feature Class” tool.

  2. Merge the polyline features in the polyline feature class by clicking “Editor” and then “Start Editing”. Select the polyline feature class and click “OK”.
    2A. Use the “Select” tool and select the polyline feature to be converted to a polygon.
    2B. Hit “Editor” and then “Merge”, hit “OK” to complete.
    2C. Close out of your editor by clicking “Editor”, “Save Edits” and then “Editor”, “Stop Editing”.

  3. Now you will need to create your polygon feature.
    3A. Hit “Editor” and “Start Editing” again.
    3B. Click the “Create Features” pop up, select the polygon feature class you created earlier.
    3C. Select “Auto Complete Polygon” tool in the “Construction Tools” section.
    3D. Right click the merged polyline feature and select “Replace Sketch”. Once it is highlighted, right click and hit “Finish Sketch”. Click “Save Edits” to finish the process.

You should then be able to label the combined polygon feature in ArcGIS as you need and export/manage the file using ArcMap and ArcCatalog for export to CAD, etc.

Hopefully we can get back to you with steps on the TBC side, but I hope this holds things over on the ArcGIS side for now.


Hey Fergus

Thanks for the workaround, great advice