Point detail report - Search distance limit/boundary


Is there a way to report along an alignment with offset limitations for example if I want to report only points 3,5m on both sides of the alignment?
If not that would be a great enhancement and be able to either type in offset limitations left and right off the alignment or to be able to choose offset lines/alignments as a limit like edge of pavement. Both options should be available.
This would be useful to compare as built points to design on road projects.


To me, it sound like it would be best to run an excel report and do a sort by command,. At least you will have all your asbuilt data already exported and sorted. Be a quick search by just opening excel

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Today not unless you build a polygon using the align and station range and them use select by polygon to select the points inside the polygon.

Probably not a hard thing to add to the command when you select a reference line we could add an offset left and right and an inside / outside selector or maybe a from and to range left and right would be better that way you could do from 3.4 to 3.6 only or from 3.4 to 8.0 only on left only or right only or both left and right. The offsets left and right would all be independent.


That was my though exactly.

What about adapting the crop crossing into a selection method? Not only would this be good for this application there is a slew of times where this would be useful for corridor work both data prep and project management.

What I’m looking for in the end is to report something of what the pavement conformance report does that is available in the ANZ toolbox for TBC. Why I need this is for a highway project that has requirements that every fill layer including the bottom most surface (subgrade) must be measured and compared to design but it’s a bit more advanced than just comparing points to a surface, it’s also crossfall and thicknesses that needs to be adressed. But for now I’m happy with just point to a surface but they need to be inside edge of pavement and sometimes edge of gravel (hinge point before fore slope to ditch). This offsets can be a constant number but can also be widenings meaning just putting in offsets is not the way to go so then you would need the strings for edge of pave or egde of gravel.

So @alan.sharp I’m with you on the from and to stations along an alignment/string + offsets (typed in numbers) right and left along an alignment/string + addition to add strings instead of offset numbers.

But the optimal would be that Rockpile could create a report like the ANZ toolbox (Pavement Conformance Report) that has all the parameters and the output with summary (for example % of passed measurements/points). This is of course if your clientel has usage of such a report.

Do, the field guys use “cut/fill” reports that are generated from the controllers. If they saved the points from their checks then report a “cut/fill” report. you should just be able to use that HTM report to bring into Excel and cut alot of steps by going into TBC.

I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m after. There is a standard we have to accommodate and a simple cut fill won’t suffice.
Thank you for your input but in this case I’m asking Rockpile for an enhancement and not a work around.