Point Creator issue

As I slowly start to use some of these awesome RPS tools. I came across a wall when using the Point Creator. When I use the reference line ( alignment). My points do not get created. What I am not clicking to be able to create the points on my alignment station?

What setting do you have for the max offset to the alignment in RPS settings,

I just tried it with Lines and Alignments and it appears to be working as planned for me - check that your settings for the Point Creator Style for the offset distance from the reference line is not set too small - if that is the case you will not get any points created.

Failing that I would need to see the data and a screen shot of your settings / style and then I can maybe answer the issue


Fixed and Working like a bunny on Easter Day. For a check I did offset 300’. This will help alot when I send out DXF to the field crews. Muchas Gracias

Bueno Frank, Impresionante!


What am I not seeing or doing to be able to generate points on station and points at begin/end of line by running the command once? I am able to generate points on my station interval which using that option does not let points get generated at the begin/end of the lines. Now if I do only point for the begin/end and nothing else, it will generate those points. Making be run the command twice.