Plan Set - Cross Section - Labeling nodes

Is there any way to choose which node is getting labeled in cross sections? I want to auto generate elevations to make quick analysis easier but I get an elevation at ever node. The surface is flat (level) so I really only need one at the beginning middle or end.

222510 - Cliffs at Wildwood.pdf (798.1 KB)

@Ruth_Staiano helped me out with this. If you name the breakline, you can filter by this so at most I have 2 labels now which is more reasonable.

The filters is the way to go

If you prefix the names of features that you want to label with L then you can put in L* here and it will only label those with an L at the start of the name for example - sounds like Ruth got it dialed in for you

Thanks Ruth as always - you keep us all in line - nice work!


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