PDF Vectors on Command can pick up "hidden" lines

This isn’t a question, it is a praise to Rockpile for a great TML. The new PDF Vectors TML can be very handy when the plans have the OG contours cut off across the site. The first screenshot shows the clean Grading Sheet. The OG contours are completely missing across the proposed site. The second screenshot shows what the new TML can do with a good vectorized pdf. It picked up the “hidden” parts of the OG contours and continued them across the site. This literally took 10 minutes to vectorize.


Love it Michael - great observation - I wish I could claim that as a feature - “even extracts invisible contours” (sounds like it “Makes S**T Up” ) but real enough!

Pretty hard to check though - I wonder if the Engineer would stand behind those contours though!



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This result actually made us do some digging around to understand what was going on here a little better. Come to find out, if you open the layers in the pdf, and turn off a specific one, all of the proposed contours went away and you are left with an original ground. The PDF Vectors on Command shows us what is there, and now I will do some more investigating if a vector pdf does not seem to have something I am looking for. Without this TML, we would have never thought to investigate. Here is the same pdf with the proposed layer turned off.

to add to this - I have found that you can still seed a line with the vector snap off. Hady way of cleaning up the excessive snap displays that can appear when the data gets dense without the loss of function. Really a great tool guys!

We actually are not depending on the Vector Snap function - only the Vector Snap points that are held in memory for each sheet of the plans that you have loaded.