Parabola for Bridge Grades

I had a guy ask me for an easier way to put Dead Load Deflections into his elevations for bridge beams. So theoretically you would select a line, calculate a spacing either by interval or dividing it by an equal number of spaces, extract the elevation from a selected surface, then apply a parabola to the elevations based upon the maximum deflection at the center of the line. Is there an easy way to do this already? I used to do it all in excel. You would also need a way to apply different percentages of deflection depending on where you are in the construction process. 25% deflection, 50% etc… And a sectional thickness.

Help a brother out.


I have it on my list of RPS things to research and potentially to look at developing some Bridge Tools in the future. Currently we are committed to projects underway for a few months, so while I can do the research over the summer, it is unlikely that we can address this need in the short term, but I hear you and feel that Bridges and Structures are an area for us to look at in our future.

Sorry I cannot “jump To It” today - as we get momentum going and we get our initial product offerings moving then we can start to expand our horizons for sure


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