Overexcavation for Building & Site Improvements

Is there a way to create a site improvement to fill from the bottom of an overexcavation to top of Finish Floor. I can calculate this but would like to be able to have this information on the Earthwork summary.

If not… Any other thoughts

The way I would think of doing it could be.
Make a Demo category calling out EBS and give it thickness and then in your FG pad you would get whatever your improvements you assigned.
If it’s set parameters of over excavation like in the boring or geotechnical reports. I would import that boring picture page, georeference it and define the depth at the locations of the borings with ebs in a demo category.
Just my thought while watching basketball.

I emailed you last night - If you use the TBC Overexcavation function to create the Overex then the amount of Overex Removal is the same as the amount of Overex Backfill that you need. These numbers are reported on the Takeoff report as a single number - the Overex removal will need to be added to your Earthworks Cut Number (as it is material that you need to do something with, and the Overex Backfill will need to be imported from offsite as a suitable material (Granular Fill etc.). If you have a suitable material on site then you can put the Overex Removal into your Cut Number and remove the suitable material quantity from your Cut Number so the net result is a wash.

Depending on the design of your Overex will dictate whether or not you can use the Overex function for that or not - the Overex is better today than it was because of the Overex Template Manager - however that doesn’t handle conditions at all like Rock vs soil cuts so it is still a bit limited in what it can do.


Much like Alan stated I will use the over excavation command to quantify my over ex. The qty given is the exact cut so make sure you account for shrinkage if you are going back in the hole with it. Then you just add your site improvement to the area like normal. I’ve used it extensively and I am very comfortable with its function. It also allows you to calculate an over ex that may vary due to the OG surface. I.E. over ex 3’ below footing or existing grade whichever is greater. This function is priceless.